Community Sponsorship is about many individuals in a community coming together to help resettle a refugee family and help them to restart their lives.  HERE are some Frequently Asked Questions that we receive, and the chance to ask something yourself.


Below are those of us that are filling out applications and driving things forward.

Please let us know if you have time, skills or contacts that can help us:

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Susi Doherty

Group Co-Leader

"Brighton & Hove has been my home for decades, and I value the love, care and vibrancy of the community here so much. Participating in this project is a no-brainer as a way to have a real and positive impact on people's lives.  Also very importantly it helps to keep the essence of what we all love about our city real, and welcoming a refugee family like this can only benefit us all."


Kimberly Middleton

Group Co-Leader

"When you're watching events unfolding around the world, and the devastating impact they have on people's lives, it's hard to know how to help in a way that can really make a difference. Community Sponsorship is an opportunity to not only put  mechanisms in place to welcome a family to Brighton and Hove, but also support them as our neighbours and part of our community."



Benefits Lead and

Deputy Safeguarding Lead 

I am delighted to be involved in Brighton & Hove Community Sponsorship.  To assist even one family to safely and legally reach the UK and settle in the Brighton area would be amazing.  It is our opportunity to provide local practical support, through kindness and generosity, we have the power to create change.

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Employment Lead

"What attracted me to BHSC is that it provides hands on help to refugees who require employment, accommodation, medical assistance, education and all the other services that are necessary to build a productive life in the Brighton and Hove area. Our local government services are overstretched and therefor a team of committed and experienced volunteers can make a serious difference in making that transition." 

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Fundraising Lead

"I’m a local artist who makes work about displacement. I became interested in the sponsorship scheme and being a member of the Brighton group as it feels like a very practical way to support refugees and asylum seekers in my local community and make a real difference to a family seeking sanctuary.”

About Community Sponsorship

Community Sponsorship is a refugee resettlement programme, a safe route for vulnerable refugees to reach the UK which also brings communities together to prepare for and welcome a family to their local area. When communities lead the welcome, refugees have the benefit of a local support network right from day one.

The group supports the family through their first year in the UK to live independent lives, learn English, and access schools, benefits, healthcare and employment and participate fully in the community. These groups receive training and support from Reset through every stage of their journey and are also supported by their Lead Sponsor, who takes legal responsibility for the project.

The origins of Community Sponsorship are in Canada where more than 300,000 refugees have been welcomed since 1979. Its origins in the UK date to 2015 when David Cameron announced that by 2020 the UK would welcome 20,000 refugees affected by the crisis in Syria. In response, charities and faith organisations asked the government to introduce a sponsorship scheme similar to the one in Canada, to allow people in the UK to play a direct role in supporting refugees.

The government listened and in 2016 the Community Sponsorship scheme was launched by the Home Office. A new movement had been born and very quickly Community Sponsorship groups sprung up in every region and nation of the UK. In the first five years of the programme more than 100 groups welcomed more than 500 refugees.


Reset is the UK’s Community Sponsorship learning hub. It was set up in 2018 to coordinate the growth of the Community Sponsorship movement across the UK to ensure it realises its full, transformative potential.

All Community Sponsorship groups must be trained by Reset in order for their application to resettle a refugee family to be approved by the Home Office. Reset also supports Local Authorities and Lead Sponsors as they prepare to work alongside groups. Find out more about Reset on their website.