Group Roles

We have much preparation to do before we can welcome a family.

The kinds of help that we need vary depending on the stage we are at in the journey of community sponsorship.  It also depends on personal circumstances - we are all volunteers of course. We are a very supportive group of people and are here to give our time and commitment to resettling a refugee family, and also to each other.

So for context, here's a leaflet with an overview of how we work:

Screenshot 2022-03-24 at 18.53.43.png

Here are some of the roles that make up our group (we do have people covering some of these but always do ask us what the situation is at the time!):

Core Group Treasurer.png
Core Group Finance Lead.png
Core Group Employment Lead.png
Core Group Events Organiser.png
Core Group Employment Lead.png
More being added!
 Core Group AccommodationHousing Lead.png