A Flying Start.

Updated: Feb 27

It's wonderful, even in these difficult times for people personally, to be meeting individuals with so much compassion and desire to make a difference.

We have made an amazing start to our journey:

We have secured approval from our Local Authority and had some fantastic conversations with a very dedicated team there who are helping refugees in the city.

We are working closely with Citizens UK, who are our Lead Sponsors. Some incredibly helpful and practical support has been invaluable.

We have secured match funding, which means that we now have a total of £9, 000 towards helping to resettle a refugee family. We are highly likely to need more than that given the high cost of housing in Brighton & Hove, and the housing cap. However, this is extraordinary and means we can seriously get going on finding accommodation.

We've sent stage 1 of our application form off to the Home Office and will be discussing it with them in the next couple of weeks.

We are now a group of 6, which is amazing.

What next?

We really need to raise awareness about our initiative to more of the community. We are working on a campaign to do just this. Our other big focus is on building our group and sourcing some accommodation.

How can you help?

Join us! We urgently need people to help with the following areas:

  • Housing

  • Benefits and Welfare

  • Fundraising

  • Finance

That is in no way an exhaustive list. The stronger our group, the more we can work and support each other and then on to assisting the family.

Housing! We are looking for the following, as near to the Local Housing Authority rate as possible :


For all of you that are supporting us. Now more than ever we need to come together and make real changes.