Community Connections

At a recent community event. l-r: Sandra, Mayoral Consort Henry Bruce, Mayor of Brighton & Hove Councillor Lizzie Deane, Suzanne and Susi

Our focus as a group at the moment is to find a house to rent to the refugee family we'll be supporting to resettle.

That's no easy task at the moment in Brighton & Hove, and as you know, there is so much need across our society for reasonable rents. We are placing our belief in our city being a generous and open hearted one though, so we are absolutely convinced we'll find a new home for one family that desperately need it.

We are contacting all kinds of people from estate agents, private landlords, and religious establishments to housing associations. If you have any ideas, please let us know. Here is a leaflet and social media posts to download - if you could share for us, that'd be amazing:

House needed poster A5
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As part of this 'putting the word' out, we are also attending community events (again, let us know if you know of one we can attend). Recently, we went along to a Community and Charity Day at Brighton Pavillion Gardens. Thank you so much to the Pavillion Cafe and the North Laine Society for organising it (and anyone else I've not mentioned of course!).

pictured: Susi & Suzanne chatting to a family at the event

This is the kind of property we are looking for:

  • 2-4 bedroomed house in Brighton & Hove (if you have another type of property that you are interested in renting in this way, please do still shout)

  • Have a minimum of a two-year lease

  • Meet the standards of our Local Authority

  • Be affordable and sustainable, taking into account the benefits the family will receive

Come on Brighton & Hove, let's do this!

As ever, please reach out if you can help - time and commitment is what we really need at the moment, apart from a house!

Take care

Susi and the group.

Spot our tent!